Hard Preaching

Fundamentalists love it when preachers preach hard. They want want the preaching to be so hard that the paint on the sides of the church blisters. They want the pastor to look like he’s fighting bees. They want…something like this:


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  1. Your site normally amuses me. Reading some of your posts is like taking a trip to see my “wierd” cousins for the day. They may do some strange things, dress a little different, eat more tuna fish than I am use to. . .but hey, I am still related to them and I still like them. Yes, we live differently – but we are still family.

    But this man is no cousin of mine! I can honestly say, this message grieves me. I know, I know, I shouldn’t take it so serious. But this kind of preaching angers me. It angers me because those strange cousins I love let men like this, – NO, petty tyrants like this – get away with spewing hateful sewage every Sunday. This is the one thing I never understood about fighting fundamentalism: Why do good people allow such “small minded men” to be their authorities?

    I thought the design of a Pastor was to nurture; not belittle, intimidate and destroy?

    Thanks for exposing the obvoius, to show the illness of the movement.

  2. Inevitable Disclaimer

    My intention on this site is not to paint every fundamentalist with the same brush. It is, however, to have a little fun while ruminating on the ‘crazies’ in the movement. Most people enjoy having a chuckle at themselves or others they know. Your mileage may vary.

    I hesitated before publishing this post. My grandfather was fundamentalist preacher. My father is a fundamentalist preacher. Neither of them would have ever preached a sermon like this, nor would they have stood for this kind of “preaching” in a church they were at.

    But sticking one’s head in the sand is not the answer. There are fundamentalists out there who do think this way. And that fact should not be a “family secret.”

    I apologize for the un-funny nature of this post. Back to the regularly scheduled program…

  3. You dont neeed to apologize, I am not upset at the post as much as I am the reality of the “dark side” of fundementalism. I agree that we must expose the lunacy and distance ourselves from it.

    Thanks for creating this blog because it really does help distinguish what is a “crazy cultural fetish” that the world would find laughable. I really do enjoy it.

  4. I dont’ think this falls under ALL Fundamentalists but it does fall into a lot of them for sure… it’s sad though… :-/ It is def. the dark side.

  5. “They want the pastor to look like he’s fighting bees.” Very, Very funny.

    I actually laughed through the entire sermon, probably because I am not a pastor like Chris so it probably doesn’t affect me in the same way.

    Keep writing these posts. Stuff Fundies like helps me stroll down the memory lane of my past with a good laugh rather than with contempt or scorn. Even when it is such a dark side like this preaching.

  6. For whatever reason, I cant get this to play but based on the “LIKE IT LUMP IT JUMP IT I DONT GIVE A RIP!!” quote, I am guessing it was Phil Kidd? Ive heard him say this in person. Actually, Ive heard him say “like it, lump it, jump it, throw up, or go home, i dont give a rip.”
    Thank God that He doesnt need a junkyard dog to do his business for Him.

  7. Unbelievable. I can’t believe how hypocritical you all are. If you can’t stand hard preaching, maybe you need to get down to the altar. Maybe you hate hard preaching so much because it convicts you of your sin. My pastor is such a good godly man, and we are not like some fundamentalist churches, but he preaches like this because we all need to be reminded of how sinful we are and how angry God always is. If you go to church and don’t come out convicted and feeling guilty, you aren’t going to the right church! The word of God always convicts and makes guilty, then you go home and pray about it and GET RIGHT WITH GOD! OR you can do this at the altar (better at the altar, because as soon as you leave and get in your car, you get tempted by wordly music and video games and images and movies etc.

    This site is a joke. You all need to repent.

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