Wide-Range Date Setting

hourglassNo man knows the day or hour when Christ will return but that doesn’t stop some fundamentalists from making predictions about the century or the decade. After all, saying Christ will mostly likely come back in “this generation” isn’t strictly date setting now is it?

Never before have we seen such wickedness and persecution as is on the earth today! Except during the early church perhaps with all the being thrown to the lions and whatnot. And the Dark Ages had a lot of evil men and seducers and Catholics running around deceiving and being deceived. And there were some times during the  1920’s that were pretty decadent not to mention all the wars and rumors of wars during the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s,  80’s, and 90’s…

But it’s fairly sure. It’s almost positive, in fact. If  one had to bet, they’d say Christ will return in our lifetimes. Unless of course He doesn’t come for the next 10,000 years…but that’s not at all likely.

But we fundamentalists DON’T SET DATES like all those cults do!! But look at the signs of the time! The whirlwind is in the thorn tree! Just don’t make any serious plans for retirement, if you know what I mean…

4 thoughts on “Wide-Range Date Setting”

  1. hmmm….so you mean we are just like our predecessors all the way back to the books of Acts? Thanks for proving once again that the IFB church is THE TRUE CHURCH.


    1. Your arrogance is just delicious. Are you so presumptuous to believe that you are: 1)Any better than any other group throughout history, when you yourself preach that all men are sinners, and 2) Aware of the exact time Armageddon will occur, when in Revelations it says that nobody will be able to predict the end times? I am a VERY well read atheist, by the way.

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