Year End Salvation Report for the First Separated Blood, Book, And Blessed Hope Fundamental Baptist Church

  • Number saved in revivals: 20
  • Number saved in door-to-door: 43
  • Number saved the day we gave out all those hot dogs and had the clowns: 400
  • Number saved again just to make sure: 5

Total Saved: 468.

  • Number Baptized: 13
  • Number Joined the Church: 3
  • Number attending regularly: 2*

*Since Sister Alice is pregnant we count her twice

8 thoughts on “Numbers”

    1. Thankfully, yes, that is true. If I am responsible for doing everything necessary for getting someone else to heaven, that person and me are both going to hell.

  1. And make that 3.

    My home church has that exact same register on the wall. I believe it was hung on the wall during the 40s when my grandfather was the pastor for the first time (not the school-bus-driving grandfather. Well, actually he did drive a school bus for one of his jobs since independent Baptist ministers make so little money even if they have 3 churches at a time.). He pastored that church again in the late 70s-early 80s.

    But I digress…JTR, you should lighten up and take this blog in the spirit with which it was written. We’ve all been there, and we can look back and get a little chuckle out of some of the silly stuff we experienced.

  2. My church has a “State of the Church Address” every Jan around the time the President does his for the nation. We hear all about how many were “saved”, baptized, joined, etc. Then he gives us the goals “we” need to achieve for the next year.

    Oops, sorry, almost forgot that it was all done and will be done by the Spirit’s power.

  3. I think a lot of IFB churches are more concerned about building the “ministry” then they are about building people.

    I go to an IFB church. I was very encourged when the pastor said during a church service “We want to get the gospel out to the people but let’s remember the main thing is not soulwining; it’s Jesus”

  4. This is absolutely hilarious!

    As of a few years ago, North Valley had plaques like this, but I only remember the attendance from each bus route/division being displayed, like it was a competition (and truly, it was).

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