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Gospel Gimmicks: The Million Dollar Tract


The love of money is the root of all evil. But that fact notwithstanding, some fundamentalists evidently believe that fake one-million dollar bills make a great way to spread the gospel.

Consider the draw. A million Dollars + Ronald Reagan + Heaven!!! A gimmick like this one just can’t go wrong. As an added bonus putting a Republican President on the front will keep out the riffraff. Expect instant revival as soon as you open the package (only $5.00 for 100).

And if the Secret Service starts knocking at your door asking why you’re making realistic looking money? Just claim persecution and go to court! That way your witness will reach judges, lawyers, clerks, jury members, and maybe even the evening news.

You cannot serve God and filthy lucre. But what if you put the gospel ON filthy lucre? Genius.