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Special: YouTube Bible Project

Ok, so this is isn’t techncially a “Stuff Fundies Like” post except perhaps for the fact that fundies will also enjoy the project I’m about to plug here.

The YouTube Bible is the King James Bible Trust’s ambitious project to create a complete reading of the King James Bible on YouTube. Our readers will comprise of actors, sportsmen and women, musicians, politicians and most importantly … YOU!

So if you’re in the mood to read an obscure bit of the KJV for posterity with other notables such as Prince Charles and Yours Truly (as of this writing my submission has not yet officially been accepted but I’m hopeful) then fire up your camera and read a bit aloud.

Now back to our regularly scheduled insanity…

KJV-Only Author Gail Riplinger

Here is a clip of author Gail Riplinger, a staunch defender of the King James Bible. Notwithstanding that “a large portion of Riplinger’s books and interviews have been found to contain gross errors“,she and her books still have quite a following in some circles of KJVO fundamentalism.

In this clip she explains…well…I’m not really sure what she’s explaining but it sure is entertaining to listen to.