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FWOTW: Ezekiel3.com

Are you fed up with empty-headed, high-minded preachers who think nothing of correcting the AV1611 King James Bible with their mysterious special knowledge of Greek and Hebrew? Well, are you??

Then you’ll feel right at home at ezekiel3.com, a website “shining the light of the AV1611 King James Bible on false doctrine, false teachers, and last days apostasy.”


According to today’s website pick there are ” 932 counties in the United States that do not have a solid, fundamental, independent, King James only, Baptist preaching church.” So in order to help this situation they’re picking the top 100 counties to launch new soulwinning efforts. You can even view state maps to see exactly how desperately your county needs a fundy curch.

It’s interesting that there seems to be a total inability to realize that the issue with church growth isn’t the lack of salesmanship but the product they’re selling.

FWOTW: BibleRays.com


The fun on today’s website pick starts with the domain name. BibleRays? What’s a Bible Ray? Oh, the pastor’s name is Wray! I get it!

Even though this site looks like it’s a big steaming bowl of crazy soup you don’t have to worry. It’s very clearly stated in big captial letters that “THERE IS NO HATE, MALICE, RACISM, ETC. ON THIS SITE. ” If you have to say it…

Don’t miss the random image gallery, all the Baptist charts, and a page dedicated to The Sinfulness of Sin which features what looks like a screen cap from Doom 3.

I think it’s safe to say that there’s something here for everybody.