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Church Basement Bible Colleges

diploma2Have you ever run into a pastor who’s Doctor of Divinity diploma on the wall bears the name of “Baptist Bible Temple School of Fundamentalist Theology and Textus Receptus Studies”? Have you wondered where and why such a school might have started? You’re not alone.

The idea that fundamentalists are “anti-intellectual” is a myth. Fundies are very concerned with education provided that it is the right education. Therefore which college a person picks is a matter of paramount importance to their life and career in fundamentalist circles.

Why travel all the way to foreign locations like Greenville, South Carolina when you can stay right at home and learn all the theology you need from your very own pastor who is himself a graduate of a very fine college in a very large basement. There’s no need to be troubled with lots of reading and differing opinions about things like eschatology. There’s only one opinion that’s the right one and that’s all you need to know.

The basement Bible college also has an important second use: it can grant diplomas to all its own church staff and other people who are the pastor’s friends. An honorary doctorate in soul-winning costs so little but it’s a great return on investment in terms of prestige.