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Tales From Fundy U

This coming week marks ten years since I graduated from Pensacola Christian College. Many people recall their college days as among the best times of their life but I am not among their number. To celebrate a decade of freedom I’m going tell five different stories remembered from my time there.

I invite you to take a trip with me back to the brick halls of your own Fundy U to recall a time when the rules were many, the privileges were few and the price we paid was far too high.

Arlin Horton Resigns as President of PCC

Apparently 38 years of being President of Pensacola Christian College is enough. Today Dr. Arlin Horton officially announced that he is resigning.You can read the official text here.

According to the official release “Dr.” Troy Shoemaker will be the next President. And yes, his doctorate was, in fact, granted by the very unaccredited college he’s about to take over.

Perhaps this change spells better days ahead for my alma mater. I certainly hope so.