Since this site is named “Stuff Fundies Like” I suppose it behooves us to come up with at least a broad definition of who these fundamentalists are and what makes them different from their mere evangelical counterparts. The task is far from simple for a variety of reasons not the least of which is that those who claim the title of “fundamentalist” disagree vehemently about who should and should not be privileged to share it with them.

George Marsden has famously described Christian fundamentalists as “evangelicals who are angry about something.”1 That definition is, perhaps, more true than most fundamentalists will admit but it lacks a certain amount of specificity. There are, for example, many evangelicals who are prone to anger and yet fall outside of the the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) circles about which most of this blog is written.

When pressed many IFB members will claim that being a fundamentalist means simply holding “the fundamentals. The five most commonly held fundamentals of the faith have been:

  • The inspiration of the Bible by the Holy Spirit and the inerrancy of Scripture as a result of this.
  • The virgin birth of Christ.
  • The belief that Christ’s death was the atonement for sin.
  • The bodily resurrection of Christ.
  • The historical reality of Christ’s miracles.2

However, even this fails as an accurate test for this would cover many in the Southern Baptist Convention, some Bible Presbyterians, and many other non-denominational churches with whom any good Independent Fundamental Baptist would not associate. Indeed, neither the author nor many of the readers of this blog have any problem with many or all of these points even though they have long since left attending a fundamentalist church.

What becomes readily apparent after a certain amount of time is that the IFB movement has not only separated itself from those who practice “liberal theology” (which encompasses everything from infant baptism to using modern Bible versions) but also parts with those who participate in any part of the post-1960’s American culture that it considered to be “worldly.” This latter separation includes a large focus on certain types of music, styles of dress, the movie theater, alcohol, and a seemingly endless number of other activities. In reality it is these standards rather than any true doctrinal test that define the “fundamentals” for most Independent Baptist Fundamentalists.

As these fundamentalists have begun to vie for the position of being more and more separated from their brethren by taking more and more extreme stances, many thoughtful and reasonable people have left the movement leaving a good number of churches and schools headed by increasingly radical and isolationist leaders. As the leadership heads into what is formally known in ecclesiastical circles as “crazypants town” so the congregations follow them to the mixed amusement and horror of those of us who grew up in the movement. Here at SFL we chronicle and scrutinize this slow drift of the IFB to oblivion with posts that are sometimes satirical and sometimes serious and sometimes simply the fundamentalists in their own words.

If you’ve ever been an Independent Fundamental Baptist or know someone who has been I invite you to stay and chat a while. After all, your IFB friends and neighbors are mostly likely already here.

1 Marsden, George. Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1991.
2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fundamentalism#Christian_origins

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  1. To what point is your blog? Pointing fun at ppl? Yeah that’s Christian. Spending all this time putting down “fundies” for things that not all of them do! Do you think that God is glorified by your posts? Is He happy to see you making cutting remarks to His children? Sure you can disagree, but why poke fun so much?

  2. I should have know that you wouldn’t answer my Qs. Prov 13:1 says that a scorner does not hear rebuke. There is a big difference between laughing at yourself and cutting others down.
    Thank you, but I do not wish to join your forum and find myself surrounded by antifundies.

    1. I’m doing it. I’m a “fundy”. I kinda find some of this stuff funny. And yeah, some things are kinda rude and may make me feel offended, but we should not be so easily offended. Who knows, maybe I, as a fundamentalist, might learn some of my own faults that come from me being a person, and better myself for the glory of God. Or I can just be offended and tell everyone here that they are heathens because I’m always right so they must always be wrong. Nah, I’ll just roll with it all and have a good time.

  3. You definately need a posting on accordian-playing evangelists. If you don’t play the accordian or some other abstract musical instrument such as the psaltery, dulcimer or sackbut, you are probably not an authentic evangelist.

      1. Hey Mike – Just wondering if you realize that you are responding to others comments which are a year old, the date of their comments is right beside their names.

        Their are lots of folks wanting to respond LIVE!

        Btw Good Day to you.

        1. Wow, yeah. I knew the dates were there… I just didn’t pay any attention to them, HA! Thanks for the heads up there.

  4. Darrell,

    Came across your blog through your posting on the blog of a previous professor of mine (DG). From someone who went to one of these colleges, thanks for adding some humor to a past many of us are trying hard to forget. Keep the posts coming!


  5. Hey, can I submit some memories from my own fundy days?

    Don’t forget these classics:

    praise and testimony time (especially the miracle tithe stories)

    “preacherboys” (even if the man is 41 years old)

  6. Here ya go…the master list:

    Hair touching the ears (guys)
    Culottes…HELLO!! I didn’t see any for this (I’m a member of the FB (WAC) women against culottes) group…lol
    Using the hymnbook if you sit next to a guy
    Slits in skirts
    Sewing your own clothes is considered God’s first choice..LOL!!
    Being online is a sin…oops get these sinners off of here!! they are in violation!
    I remember when Google was a sin..lol
    Oh..if someone commits a “listed” sin..they are to be kicked out of the church…Fundamentalists don’t believe in restoration.
    If you are caught kissing your boyfriend you are not allowed to get married in the sanctuary, muchless wear a white dress..lol
    If the pastor sleeps with another woman…don’t bring it up..it will hurt his reputation
    Sex? what is sex? DO NOT tell your kids about it!!
    ……….Oh man, I have to go to bed its past 2am…Maybe I’ll think of more from my 14 years of having to submit to the hogwash of a fake religion proclaiming to be God followers.

  7. Does anybody remember all the children’s church programs that had to be thrown out when they were found to be evil? Tot time, Eager Beavers, ProTeens, Jeff-n-Jenny, Patch the Pirate, AWANA (became evil when they went NKJV), King’s Kids?

  8. I’m hesitant to comment on this blog because it would reveal the very thing I’ve spent the last two years trying to hide: I was a hardcore fundie.

    Eh, what the heck? I was a fundie, and this blog is funny.

  9. While I have experienced a lot of these funny disparities, I am disappointed in the very real bitterness behind a lot of the posts here. I have learned that real Christianity is found in God’s command to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength,” and then to “love your neighbor as yourself.” I am pursuing the obedience to these commands in my own walk with Christ, and it pains me to see the vitreol here, all in the name of “laughing at yourself,” thus justifying such bitter poison as perfectly acceptable. If all of you bitter bloggers were living the commands to love God and others, I think you would be more likely to pity the poor souls of whom you so love to laugh. Sorry, but I think all this is condescending, “liberated” snobbery, and bears no resemblance at all to the image of Christ.

    1. Mark, you send me what you think is “vitreol”(sic) and “bitter poison” and I’ll seriously take it under advisement.

      Sorry, but I think all this is condescending, “liberated” snobbery, and bears no resemblance at all to the image of Christ.

      It’s just so strange to me that people believe that the real problem is those who point out the problems not those who have the problems.

  10. Darrell: Don’t let the B-word throw you. It is merely a weapon Fundies like to use to silence people who rock the boat, and it has no basis in reality the vast majority of the time. The times I got that word thrown at me the worst were exactly the times when I felt the best about church and was sharing how much better the Christian life could be when there is freedom in Christ.

  11. I used to think this was a pretty funny blog when it first started, but now it seems like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for everything you can embarrass fundamentalists with. Furthermore, there are many people who might call themselves fundamentalists who are in no way associated with a lot of the gaffes you list. Of course there’s going to be weird stuff in every group, that’s to be expected when you get humans together. I think you should stop calling this “Stuff Fundies Like” and start calling it something like “Stuff Weirdos Who Masquerade as Fundies Like.” According to your categorization of fundamentalists in your post above, we are people who believe in the fundamentals of the Bible. Last I checked, that’s a pretty good position to have. I guess although I grew up in fundamentalist churches, I’ve never really met any of the weirdos you keep talking about.

  12. You’ve never heard of John R. Rice? Never sung the OBEDIENCE song? Never been scared out of your wits by rapture preaching?

    If not, then I tend to doubt your fundy cred a little. 🙂

    There are a variety of posts here that deal with a variety of topics. If you’re referring to my fundy site of the week schtick, then I will admit freely that I go after sites that epitomize the lunatic fringe of fundyland. But that’s hardly all I post.

    “Stuff Weirdos Who Masquerade as Fundies Like.”

    I think you’ve both managed to hit somewhere between two things that fundies like in that sentence. “Claiming to be the last true fundamentalists” and “claiming that others are the crazy fundies

  13. It’s funny, I grew up in a “fundy” church and have seen, or know of most of the websites, programs and extra biblical restraints pastors and congragants put on people. I’ve heard bad doctorine, politics, preaching at, instead of preaching to and all kind of stuff from the pulpits. I’ve left the “fundy” church and went to modern, southern baptist, petecostal churches, campus ministries, mega churches and even back to the world. Funny, after all that I still went back to a “fundy” church because of all that I’ve seen and heard every where else i went to. I meet my girlfriend at this new “fundy” church I go to and she, I can tell because we’ve talked, still has bitterness and resentments toward her old “fundy” church. Yet, despite that we love our church, the bible and our Saviour. I find some of these post amusing, but mostly sad. I’ve found a good church and I don’t ever want to leave it, but I know many that haven’t but wish things didn’t have to be so extreme on either side of the spectrum. God help us!!!

  14. Love the site. Please don’t ever be intimidated by those who say that what you are doing is wrong/unnecessary. It’s very necessary, as those who have truly experienced the horrors of baptist fundamentalism know all too well. Maybe in the future you could write a book about this?

  15. You’ve never heard of John R. Rice? yes and receive the Sword of the Lord each 2 weeks.

    Never sung the OBEDIENCE song? No I haven’t.

    Never been scared out of your wits by rapture preaching? Nope, but would say it made me think of my deathly position before salvation. It’s good to know where you’re going isn’t it?

    I have to agree with a few posters. There are lots of things that go wrong in many churches whether mainline, penniecostal, etc.. Seems to me that there are hypocrites and sinners in all churches huh?

  16. 1) I thank God I am saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.
    2) I am unashamed to be a fundamentalist in belief, and share Christ with any who are interested.
    3) Fundamentalism isn’t bad, however some of the foolishness of fundamentalism is bad.
    3) Much of what is presented on this web site is true, and that is a shame.
    4) I agree with Darrell when he says, attack the problem, not the person.
    5) If you’ve been hurt, its not by fundamentalism, but by people who are abusive.
    6) Read the book “The Subtle Power Of Spiritual Abuse” available on Amazon.com
    Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. His life proved it, what more can be said?

  17. According to my Baptist History class, the fundamentals are:

    - Doctrinal purity
    – Ecclesiastical separation

    Seems fundamentalists can’t agree on the fundamentals. Too funny.

  18. As someone who reads this site on a semi-regular basis, I can honestly say I appreciate the humor of the majority of the posts. I have seen first hand many of the extremes of this brand of fundamentalism both in my travels and in personal experience. I appreciate the fact that the majority of these posts satirize the extreme fringes of the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement.

    However, I also understand the point of view of several of the people who have commented negatively on this site. I realize the primary goal of this site is to be entertaining. I’m not trying to over-spiritualize this, but perhaps in some cases it would be more gracious to limit your generalizations in declamations and in caricatures of individuals… although I suppose that in many cases, individuals are the best illustrations of the quirks and idiosyncrasies of fundamentalists. Although I would agree that in many cases these folks are dead wrong, perhaps we could tone down the cynicism (which, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary is “An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others”).

  19. Most of the fundie blogs that I’ve read here are from those who were raised in Baptists churches. However, I was raised in an Assemblies of God church and my experience was very similar. Specifically:

    1. “Mixed bathing” was not taking a bath together, but referred to boys and girls swimming at the same location (verboten).
    2. In addition to banning movies (attendance at the theater), TV was also frowned upon. It made inroads only when those who purchased them claimed that their viewing was limited to “the news and Oral Roberts.”
    3. In high school, our health and physical education classes included square dancing, but a note from our preacher was sufficient to be excused from this sinful activity. Similarly, a note could get you excused from “dressing out” which is wearing shorts in gym class.
    4. The prohibitions concerning dress were aimed mainly at females. No jewelry, no makeup, no cutting of hair (a woman’s glory is in her hair), no pants. You could not distinguish a male fundy by his dress, but you sure could a female.
    5. My teen years coincided with the Elvis Presley craze. We were repeatedly told that he was the devil incarnate.
    6. We were the only true Christians. Those who worshipped across the creek at the Methodist Church were not going to make it and the Catholics were definitely going to burn in hell.
    7. Musical talent was not a prerequisite for singing “specials” (pronounced spatials) in church.
    8. Preachers who did not move around and shout while preaching or preachers who actually used sermon notes were not led by God. just open your mouth and God will give you the words. Acrobatic skills were a plus.

  20. I frequent this blog. God has brought me out of the fundy movement in which I was raised. Although there are times it seems your post are a bit harsh I cannot know your heart, and have yet to find one that wasn’t true of my own experience. I not only find humor in your blog, but also great illustrations in making a point of the danger that modern fundyism has turned into. I have loved ones still in this movement, so I separate those under its influence from those who push it. For any wanting to know seriously why I think its a dangerous movement see this site. http://www.monergism.com/thethreshold/articles/onsite/FundyReform.html

    Hope you don’t mind my posting it here.

  21. I think you need to put a music player in your side bar like all of those other Fundy KJV only websites that I can never stop playing and starts over every time I refresh my browser. Maybe it can play “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” over and over again.

    Just a suggestion.

  22. I love it when people pray in the “king’s English.” That’s a sure sign that you are a fundie – if you can actually speak Shakespearean English fluently, thus proving your constant reading of the KJV..
    I know a guy who has a license plate that says “AV 1611.”

  23. @JS I’ve seen someone in Western PA with either AV 1611, or KJV 1611, I can’t recall which, and was both horrified & bursting at the seems laughing. Apparently when your itching ears want to hear the “kings english”, it’s find, if they want to hear that God wants a more just world, that’s a problem, especially if it’s modern english. Sometimes I wanna just punch people, cause nothing else works, and that would at least help vent. GRRRRRR

  24. ok- completely of-topic: how come some of you have a picture next to your name and i am stuck with a generic sillouette? what do i have to do to get a picture? how many memory verses do i need to recite?

  25. I AM an Independent Fundamental Baptist and this website and all of its contents are more than insulting!!! I do not line up with the absurd profile of Fundamentalists that you portray here. There are enough things in this world dividing the children of God and Christians dividing Christians should not be happening. Your website is nothing more than divisive and a laughing point for unbelievers as they watch us mock each other and do their jobs for them. There are those who fall in the profile that you show, but there are many like myself. We should be endeavoring to fix some of the existing problems that are made plain in some of your information, not continuing to drive the wedge further and further. I realize that there are many cliches and things that have been overemphasized in the Fundamentalist circles over the years, but they should not be a striving point between the children of God. I’m sure that there will be some smart comment following this b/c that seems to be you MO, but I’m sincere in what I say.

  26. Your website is nothing more than divisive and a laughing point for unbelievers as they watch us mock each other and do their jobs for them.

    This is one of my favorite non-arguments of all time. Well done.

  27. Daniel said: “I do not line up with the absurd profile of Fundamentalists that you portray here…” But Daniel that is the very point we are making… the IFB is an absurdity. The movement itself is cultic in it’s practices, especially in its elitist views of keeping a set of estra-biblical rules in order to be “right with God”, dogmatid adherence to KJVO, Landmarkism (a pseudo Roman Catholic idea not of Apostolic succession but of sociological succession traced back to John the Baptist) and dictatorial church rule. The whole performance Christianity attitude found in the IFB is absurd. We don’t have to point out this absurdity to the world… they see it already… it is the religious crowd that is blind to it.

  28. @Don: i, too, suffer from fat finger disease. i blame the potatoe salad from all those fundy potlucks! baptists like to pretend that the donatists were an early version of baptists, but i think it was really the DONUT-ISTS!

  29. Seventeen years going to IFB churches and never once did I notice the lack of Christ-centeredness in their messages and lifestyles.

    It’s funny how you start noticing these things long after leaving.

    Also, many thanks to the heretic Rob Bell for rescuing me from the not-so-fun-damentalists.

  30. To whom it may concern: It is amazing as I read these posts how “humor” is used to criticize what ” God has done” and “what so many of these people would “do away with”. God used an “Ass” to rebuke Balaam, I suppose that would be considered rediculous and PETA would have to be called up, but God did it. His methods of using various objects or people are as wide as his ability to be diverse, which is endless. Since every idle word that a man shall speak someday will be given account of, and what folks say in a whisper in their closets will be shouted from the housetops… I would suggest being very careful about “lightly” treating what God has used to reach the lost and His people. (Mat 12:36) But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.(Luke 12:3) Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. (Think about it)

  31. I think the good brother Bill has something new to rant about from the pulpit! If he’s a good fundy, he’ll holler about the eeeevills of the interwebz, and he’ll get a lot of amens and preach its. The people will go home all fired up – and never realize that they were just starved a little bit more.

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