Friday Challenge: DIY Gear

The challenge for today is to imagine that SFL ran its own version of a church bookstore. What would the slogans and designs on the merchandise look like?

My own first contribution is this:

Attachments displaying your own ideas for t-shirts, bumper stickers, and cartoon-laden tracts can be mailed to

88 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: DIY Gear”

  1. @RJW
    I have never understood why that shadow figure is so popular. I have seen it everywhere, including other countries and other continents. My wife refers to it as the “Hairball Man” since it looks like he is coughing up a hairball.

  2. I really like the t-shirt from a few weeks ago that said FAILURE – when your best isn’t good enough. Seriously, I would buy that. And wear it!!

  3. I’m working on a fundy variation of the “coexist” bumper sticker. it’s tough, though, because I find that bumper sticker to be just as obnoxious & self-righteous as anything in the fundy world.

    also, not an original idea, but worth ripping off:

    “in case of rapture, can I have your car?”

  4. How about a Fundy “snuggie” with the Bill Sunday silhouette on it.
    The Billy Sunday Fundy Snuggie

    How about a coffee mug: “HonPhd from SFL”

    “I Survived Fundyland” tee shirts and hats

    A Bumper sticker: “(Be glad) You Don’t Know Jack!”

  5. I’m sure there’s an entire range of “I Survived” slogans.

    Honorary Doctorates! I’d be happy to grant all of you a “Phd. In FUNdamental studies” for the low, low price of a piece of your soul and all your integrity.

  6. I wanna buy a tee shirt for my grandma:

    “I got Schaap Happy at Hammond!” And it would have a silhouette of a grandma getting punched in the face by a preacher.

  7. I’ve got a line of fundy decals. (If you use these, I want a commission to supplement my Christian school teacher’s retirement fund.)

    For your exercise bike: “Neither shall the fat remain”
    For your playing cards (Rook or Uno of course): “Deal kindly with me”
    For your golf clubs: “Make thy way straight before my face”
    For your trash can: “Touch not the unclean thing”
    For your birthday cards: “Ye must be born again”
    For your sock drawer or shoe rack: “Can two walk together except the be agreed”
    For your telephone: “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth”
    For your yo-yo or boomerang: “If I go, I will come again”

  8. How about Bible cases with not just a TK screen print and KJV Bible verse but a Red, White and Blue model with a “Conceal-Carry” pocket for your backup piece.

    Ammo with Bible verse references engraved on the casing.

    An entire line of “Whole Armour” bullet-proof vests, and kevlar body armor with Ephesians 6 screen printed on it.

    Bible Belt Belt Buckles…. with a Wordless Bible colored on the Buckle.

    Oh, Darrell we have to get in on that Jesus Magnetic Bracelet thing that I had last year.

  9. SFL Bookstore Signature T-shirts:

    Stuff Fundies Like Website – Sending People to Hell Since 2008

    Stuff Fundies Like Website – All Content Approved by Satan

    Stuff Fundies Like Website – NSFWB (Not Suitable For Weaker Brother)

  10. “in case of rapture, can I have your car?”

    That’s just funny right there. I promise to buy 5 and will fund the production.

    I can still remember sitting around the campfire singing “I wish we’d all been ready”

  11. SFL not worthy of Kingdom Usefulness” (with a picture of Jim Berg pointing his finger at you kinda like in a Uncle Sam poster, but scarier.)

  12. I just wanna say on a personal note that I so needed you guy’s humor today. Brought just joy to a rather difficult one. I’m not artistic, but I think som kind American flag themed bible cover would be fabulous, especially one that said something about 1611, since America was more than 150 years from being born in 1611! 🙂 I probably would squeal in delight if someone talented graphically would put that together! 🙂

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